Comfort Food in the Winelands

Comfort food is what we think of when the day was just too hard and you want to break down and cry or when you miss mom’s food. It’s the food of all food and the one thing you must have every once in a while to feel human again. So we give to you the best Comfort Food in the Winelands.

 1. Oppie Dorp Restaurant

Looking for a relaxed, laid back and friendly atmosphere? Then the Oppie Dorp restaurant is the place for you. With bragging rights to a delicious lamb dish and amazing biltong and feta pizza, they are one of the top Comfort Food restaurants to visit in the Winelands.


137 Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. Where Comfort Food is in abundance


2. Lekke Neh Restaurant

Located on the Weltevreden estate in Stellenbosch lies a rustic and inviting restaurant called Lekke Neh With speciality dishes such as their Farm Breakfast, Antie Frieda’s warm chocolate delight and Burger nights on Fridays Lekke neh is a restaurant o visit when the craving for mom’s food is extremely high.


Weltevreden Estate

3. The Fat Butcher

As the name suggests this restaurant is filled with meat, meat and more meat. A great treat for the man in your life (Father, brother, husband even grandpa). Their Signature lamb shank is a delicious oven braised lamb shank, parmesan mash, seasonal vegetables & red wine jus. Sounds like something my Gran would make. Their menu is filled with grilled meat, meat in buns and maybe in their salads.



Lamb Shank for real comfort food seekers



4. Barley and Biltong Emporium

Beer and biltong is a great combination for a sunny Saturday afternoon. Barley and Biltong Emporium is where you can let your taste buds explore the different tastes of Biltong. Their Biltong Platter includes a variety of 5 tasting portions Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, Eland and Beef.



Biltong Platter

They also have a range of gourmet burgers that looks absolutely divine.


Find Comfort in Burgers and chips.



5. The Franschhoek Cellar 

The Franschhoek Cellar, just like all the other restaurants on this list, has a beautiful venue with a relaxed feeling to it and of course the food is something to really dig into. Their famous Cellar Door burger is the real deal when it comes to comfort food with a homemade beef patty, boerenkaas, chilli and tomato jam, pickles and grilled pepper served with skin-on fries. A scrumptious meal to dig into on a windy day in the Cape.

Cellar Door Burger

Cellar Door Burger

6. Le Pommier Restaurant

Last but not least Le Pommier Restaurant brings country comfort food back to life with a Home Made Chicken Pie served with creamed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Breathtaking views and mouth-watering food will make you come back for more. Don’t forget about the signature Le Pommier wine that pairs perfectly with all their dishes.



Home Made Chicken Pie, Perfect Comfort Food



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