8 Date Night Ideas

“Date night” noun

A prearranged occasion on which an established couple, especially one with children, go for a night out together.


Every married couple needs a break from their daily routine from time to time to keep the flame going in their relationship. Some may require a few tips on what to do on these so-called “Date Nights”. So here are a few interesting ideas just for those couples.

 1. Drive Night  

Take a drive around town however, the catch is to only do right turns, if you get stuck you need to start making left turns only. Sounds a bit boring? Make things interesting by recording the whole trip on Instagram or Snapchat. Stop at interesting spots, talk about things you haven’t spoken about in a while, put the music on full blast and let loose. Pack a picnic basket full of snacks and refreshments and make the night your own! (Remember to fill up the car and be safe.)

2. Fort for two

Remember the times when we were younger, all the forts we made out of blankets, chairs, and anything and everything we could get our little hands on? Those were some good old days and now that we’re older we won’t admit that we would desperately love to relive those days. Why not grab your partner and a few blankets and make the best adult fort ever. Add snacks, a movie and of course Le Pommier WineDate Night Fort

3 .Bucket list

Take time off and make a date night bucket list. We all have the perfect evening planned out in our heads but have yet to experience it. Now is the time to put your thoughts into words and make it come true! See number 8 for the perfect addition to your bucket list.Bucket List Ideas



4. Movie night

Incorporate your film with building a fort and you have a fun-filled evening ahead of you. Alternatively take a trip to The pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema  for a movie under the stars. You can order a picnic basket and some bubbly to make it even more unforgettable.

5. Wine tasting

Wine tasting at Le Pommier Wine Estate can be an amazing experience for couples. Why not make it a dinner date after the tasting and try a new dish. Get out of your comfort zone and explore one of our delicious traditional dishes. Remember to share the experience with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

6. Roses for your Love

So your wife complains that you are not romantic enough or that you never bring her flowers. Be romantic and resolve the flowers issue with one date. Take your wife to the beautiful Chart Farm where one can pick your own beautiful roses for R5.00 a stem. Beautiful flowers and delicious aromas will be adequate to make your wife swoon *hehe*. The Chart Farm will re-open on the 27th August 2016. The flowers needed their beauty sleep during the Winter.

7. Picnic under the stars

The Dating Divas  has a lot of fun and exciting ideas for you to enjoy.


8. Couples Spa

Treat the love of your life to a 2 nights stay at the beautiful Le Pommier Wine Estate with a couples Spa Massage included. We think our Romantic getaway will be a perfect addition to the bucket list.Romantic Getaway


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