Jonathan’s Malbec ranked in Top 12 Malbec Wines

We are proud to announce that Le Pommier Jonathan’s Malbec 2013 has been ranked among the Top 12 Malbec Wines on

Le Pommier Jonathan's Malbec ranked among Top 12 Malbecs on

TOP12WINES aims to re-rank all the absolute best South African wines, fairly, by wine lovers through series of public blind tastings that happen at various restaurants in Cape Town and other cities in South Africa. Tastings focus on one of over 20 wine categories and wines are ranked blind, with bottles carrying alias stickers with their true names only unveiled once all tasters have submitted their ranking.

The Public Malbec tasting took place at Molo Lolo House on 18 June 2015 and the results were as follows:

Wine Vintage Average Rank Final Rank
Paul Wallace Black Dog Malbec 2012 2012 3.73 1
Woolworths Diemersfontein Reserve Malbec 2013 2013 4.73 2
Doolhof Malbec 2012 2012 5.93 3
Pella Malbec 2012 2012 5.93 4
Woolworths Exclusive Selection Malbec (Bellevue Estate) 2011 2011 6.47 5
La Couronne Malbec 2013 2013 6.47 5
Anura Limited Release Malbec 2013 2013 6.53 7
Dornier Malbec 2013 2013 7.27 8
Mount Vernon Malbec 2012 2012 7.67 9
Bushmanspad Malbec 2012 2012 7.73 10
Le Pommier Jonathan’s Malbec 2013 2013 8.20 11
Druk My Niet Malbec 2011 2011 9.07 12
Bellevue Morkel Malbec 2011 2011 9.33 13
Ormonde Ondine 2010 2010 10.13 14
Le Pommier Wines Malbec named after Jonathan the Bull.

The legendary Jonathan himself.


Jonathan’s Malbec is Le Pommier’s flagship wine, named for the estate’s mischievous resident bull, Jonathan, and his [mis]adventures with the Malbec harvest of 2009. You can read the full story here: The story of Le Pommier’s Jonathan’s Malbec.

Here are the official tasting notes for Jonathan’s Malbec:
Perfumed notes on the nose, give way to rich mulberry and dark cherry tones on the palate. The wine shows full, structured tannins, that although restrained now will reward well with a couple of years of bottle maturation.
Words can never fully capture the flavour of any wine, so we suggest you taste for yourself, you can order a bottle of Le Pommier Jonathan’s Malbec from our website.
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