Tips for the Perfect DIY Picnic

Having a picnic with the family or that someone special in your life is an excellent idea. But we all have that frustrating question of “What to make?” that keeps us from taking the picnic leap, and this can be stressful!



Tips for the Perfect DIY Picnic

Tip #1 Food

Food, glorious food! Make something that is easy to eat and not too messy. Sandwiches and hot dogs are the most effortless to make. If you don’t like the traditional Vienna and bun combination try this delicious twist on hot dogs.

hot dog

Delicious Bacon Hot Dog

During the summer time, we all crave a crunchy, fresh salad to silence the guilty conscience. The Salad in a Cup  is a perfect meal for the Summer. It’s easy to pack and eat, and as a bonus it’s a healthy choice! 


Salad in a Cup

Tip #2 Drinks

Wine is always a perfect choice for picnics. On warm days, relax with a chilled white wine. Why not try our Le Pommier Sauvignon Blanc? A refreshing wine that tastes like gooseberry, peach, honeysuckle and tropical fruit. The palate shows lime, citrus and gooseberry fruit with a flinty, mineral finish.


Perfect picnic drink

Or if you’re not keen on drinking wine at a picnic use some of Budget Savvy Diva’s recipes for infused water. It looks beautiful and tastes refreshing!


Tip #3 Dessert

Simple watermelon slices would be more than enough for dessert, or perhaps you’re an ice cream lover, then why not try making your own ice cream — be it healthier with yoghurt or flavoured with interesting toppings.

If you want to be creative and need something more FUN, try some of these dessert ideas: Chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles, fruit filled sugar cones with cream or perhaps fruit kebabs with an interesting twist. Visit our Picnic Pinterest board for more dessert ideas.

* A quick tip for keeping the ice cream cold during the summer times: Freeze water balloons and use it as ice packs in your cooler. After the picnic, you can surprise everyone with a balloon war — cooling off at the same time 🙂

Tip #4 Essentials

All mums know that the most important product for toddlers is wet wipes. Those sticky fingers are all over the place after a yummy watermelon. So do remember those wet wipes mom!

Something we’ve found that is essential, but most forget, is a plastic bag to throw in wrappers and other rubbish. We need to keep our environment clean.

Contact Le Pommier for some great picnic options for romantic couples and even kiddies’ baskets. See our website for more details.

Enjoy your next picnic!



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